Daniel Yates - Photophrenic

I am the father of two fantastic children and husband to an amazingly eccentric wife. I graduated at Liverpool Hope University in 2012 where I studied Theology & Religious Studies. I am very active within the neo-pagan community where I regularly give talks and lectures on contemporary pagan thought and have recently started extensive research into the secretive Cultus Sabbati.

I have featured as a regular consultant on paganism for the Manchester KEY 103 radio station, given workshops at various pagan camps and had numerous articles published in pagan periodicals. I am currently working on my first book entitled Pagan Theology and my latest dissertation focused on the need for a developing theology based upon the pagan wheel of the year, with further work in this area being started at PhD level in 2013.

I have been a photographer since March 2010 and since then have received a variety of commendations and awards for my work. My first photo book was published in November 2010 and in June 2011 my work featured in two exhibitions in the UK, one in Liverpool and the other in Manchester.

Musically I have been performing with a variety of percussion instruments for many years including the berimbau, djembe, HAPI drum and didgeridoo. More recently I have been learning to play the hammered dulcimer.

I first coined the term photophrenic when I started using photography to help demonstrate elements of my schizophrenia.